A Hero Who’ll Do Anything for Free Food: The third Spider-Man: Homing trailer shows he’s the people’s hero

The following was requested by Culture Fly

The delightful third, presumably last, Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer really nails Spider-Man’s reputation as the “friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man”. The early clips as he catches a bike thief, helps out an old lady and then is happy she buys him a churro are fresh and original. We’ve never seen a superhero film, or even a Spider-Man film, focus on small crimes and small heroics to this extent.

Peter Parker has always been the most relatable superhero as he struggles juggling his responsibilities as a superhero with his responsibilities as a normal person. He has to make his “Spanish quiz”, and he is missing out on spending time with his friends. This trailer does a great job at making Peter seem like someone who’d binge the Gilmore Girls with you and love it.

But, then the Vulture appears and the trailer swerves into generic superhero moments of destruction. This is stuff we’ve all seen before, and apart from the man yelling “Spider-Man!” it doesn’t seem like a unique situation outside of the film’s wider context. Hopefully, it’s just a result of the trailer editing, because this film feels better when it focuses on the little things.

And, as the movie gods love us, they also dropped a new international trailer for the film that shows Spidey’s video diary of the events in and after Civil War. It’s funny and charming, proving that even if the film isn’t very good, they’ve at least made Peter Parker a modern high school student.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is released in the UK on 5th July and opens worldwide on the 7th July.  

Here’s the domestic trailer as well:


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