Best TV Shows of 2016: The Crown, Stranger Things and More (joint feature)

The following article is composed of my individual feedback a publication-wide article for Culture Fly

The Flash

The Flash Flashpoint©BerlantiProductions
The Flash‘s sophmore season makes the grade //©BerlantiProductions // source: Culture Fly

It may be about a superhero and not have the letters HBO attached to it but The Flash has rich and engaging storytelling. On a small budget, the series thrills week in week out. The consistency over 22 episodes is staggering, and whilst the second season may have failed to reach the speed of the first, it deepened our love for the characters. Their smallest squabbles feel huge. It is a show that perfectly balances villain-of-the-week episodes with the larger storyline and the just-debuted third season continues this theme. Melodramatic and filled with pseudo-science, what’s not to love?  Henry Bevan

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is one of the best TV shows and Gina Rodriguez deserves all the awards //©CW //source: Culture Fly

As a white English man, I have very little in common with Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez). The brilliance of Jane The Virgin is how relatable it is. It does this through character interaction. The three generations of Villanueva women remind me of how my sister, mother and grandmother interact. The drama is so contrived it nods to the show’s telenovela roots and subverts overdramatic TV dramas. Gina Rodriguez’s performance gets the show on the list. Everything else is an added bonus.  Henry Bevan


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