Residents Accuse University of ‘Lack of Communication’

The following is a news story for Hook

Local residents appear angered by the university’s perceived lack of interest in engaging with the local community about the current housing crisis.

The local activist group, Save Our Falmouth, extended an invitation to Falmouth University and the University of Exeter’s accommodation services, with the universities’ seemingly declining the opportunity to talk to local residents.

Save Our Falmouth activist Pam Cowan told Hook: “The university are extremely determined (sic) that they want to expand and they say it is for the good of Cornwall. There has been an absolute lack of communication and it would appear that they are very remiss about not communicating, but not enough to come to this Save Our Falmouth meeting.”

Save Our Falmouth ©Henry Bevan
The Save Our Falmouth meeting beings //©Henry Bevan

Falmouth Town Councillor and Save Our Falmouth interim chairman David Saunby told Hook that after the university “refused to attend” the recent meeting, the group intends to invite the university to future meetings.

Saunby added: “If they do not come next time, I think they are avoiding something.”

Oliver Lane, Falmouth and Exeter Plus Accommodation Manager, said: “We have been engaging with the council, we have been working with the town council and Cornwall Council for 18 months now. I appreciate that there is a need for us to communicate that open dialogue with the community and we will be doing that in the near future.

“We are not supporting or are affiliated with the Rosslyn Hotel development at all. We were contacted by the company looking to develop and they asked if we would like to work with them, but we made it absolutely clear that we are not supporting this site unless it is supported by the community and councils through the planning process.”

A representative of the Falmouth and Exeter Student Union was present at the recent Save Our Falmouth meeting, with several students expressing concern with the universities’ growth.



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