Falmouth University Plans to Increase Intake of Cornish Students

The following news story was written for Hook 

Falmouth University aims for one in four of its student population to have come from Cornwall by 2020.

Part of the university’s 2020 strategic plan involves increasing the number of Cornish students who attend the university by roughly five percent in the next four years.

Falmouth University Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Anne Carlisle said in a speech to Falmouth Town Council: “Falmouth University’s 2020 strategic plan very clearly states that one of our primary objectives is to help grow Cornwall. By 2020, we aim for 25 percent of our students to have come from Cornwall. To this end, we are actively working with partner schools and colleges such as Falmouth, Penryn and Helston Community College. The list goes on. As a result, our Cornish acceptances are up.

“It is not only designed to produce graduates with the entrepreneurial skills to bolster this economy, but it also means educating more young people from the region. We are also, importantly, keeping them here.”

©Alex Green
A view of the campus shrubbery //©Alex Green

Falmouth University student Louis Bamford, who grew up in Cornwall, told Hook: “After viewing a whole range of universities, Falmouth’s photography facilities were just incredible. It was a no brainer, I got to keep my job, keep in touch with my local friends, study my favourite subject and be by the sea.”

The University of Exeter expects to be teaching 378 students on Penryn Campus within the next three years, with 80 new undergraduates starting in September.

The universities’ economic plans come after Falmouth Town Council asked for the immediate introduction of an Article Four Directive that would limit the number of houses of multiple occupation.

Councillor Stephen Eva said: “The university has brought a lot to this town that it did not have before. I was born and bred in this town and I remember in October to March you could fire a canon in the street and it would not hit anybody. The place is now booming, but it has got the problems that come with it. If you are serious about improving the town, you have to hold back on the numbers, let us digest what we have got.”


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