Falmouth Mayor Urged to Crack Down on Student Housing

The following news story was written for Hook

Falmouth Town Council have formally instructed the Mayor to ask for the immediate introduction of the Article Four Direction to ensure a balanced mix of resident housing.

Article Four was put forward by Councillor Candy Atherton and is a measure that will regulate the number of houses of multiple occupation that can be developed. This could problems as the number of students rises.

Falmouth Town Clerk Mark Williams told Hook: “We asked the Mayor if he could pull his finger out and put measurements in place to preserve resident housing. Take Trelawny Road — the council want to preserve the tenure and mix of residents. The council wants to stop family homes being converted into multiple occupancy homes. It is about finding a balance.”

Williams said that there is “not an issue” with students as they help make Falmouth a “vibrant town”, but that a threshold is needed to stop local residents being priced out of the market.

Maintaining the diverse nature of Falmouth is a priority according to Cllr Atherton who told Hook: “I came back five years ago and I was disturbed to see many houses had become multiple occupational housing that were pushing people out of Falmouth.

“The Article is about protecting everyone — it is not anti-student, anti-university. It is about keeping the diversity that makes Falmouth great.”

Falmouth University spokesman Robert Hillier told Hook: “The university supports the introduction of Article Four.”

The council’s motion has been supported on Facebook, with many Falmouth residents writing that it is “excellent”.


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