National Friendly – Breakfast 2

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Top Ways to Eat a Fulfilling Breakfast

Working nine-to-five, waking your children up and wrestling them into car to get them to school means that 18% of the UK population skip breakfast. This is bad news for the health of the nation as research proves that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are many excuses people give to explain why they don’t eat a healthy breakfast, the most common being: lack of time, morning workouts, dieting and the plain-old not hungry. This absent-minded attitude towards breakfast is damaging to your health and can possibly lead to serious health problems in the future. To help fight this breakfast lurgy, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Have a quick, tasty, and nutritional bowl of cereal.
    On average, UK consumers spend 17 minutes preparing and eating breakfast. You don’t have to eat a Full English Breakfast day in, day out, to feel the full benefits of breakfast. The dynamic duo of wholegrain cereal and milk will suffice and help fulfil some of your daily nutritional quota. There is a reason 82 per cent of breakfast eaters eat cereal. It’s a convenient way to start the day and if you mix in some berries, it can help towards you achieving one of your five a day.
    You can find out more about how cereal can benefit you at: [LINK]
  2. Prepare the Night Before
    An easy way to save time is to prepare your breakfast the night before. Wash the berries and put them in the fridge, set out your cups and bowls and lay your spoon out on the table, ready to go. It’ll save a lot of time and hassle, allowing you get out the door faster than you can say “breakfast”. Also, there is a one-hour window after you wake up for you to have breakfast so the time is on your side.
  3. Delay Breakfast for a Bit
    If, like many people, you like an early morning workout before the work day begins, it could be advisable for you to delay breakfast as it could lead to you feeling extra lethargic. A recent study recommends exercising before breakfast as it maximises fat oxidation. However, the key is to NOT SKIP a complete breakfast, but to postpone it to till after your workout. In the meantime, drink some milk or something similar before going to the gym just to give you a little kick.
  4. Think Outside of the Box
    When you wake up and have no appetitive, ask yourself if you truly aren’t hungry or just aren’t hungry for traditional breakfast food. If it’s the latter, consider something a bit different. Have a bundle of fruit at the ready. It’s quick and easy to eat with no preparation time needed. Or, if you had a healthy meal the night before, have the leftovers and be ready for the day.

To find out more about breakfast visit




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